Consignment Sales

We can help you sell items of value after a downsizing or redecorating project, clean out a storage unit at a profit, or help that inherited Waterford collection find a home where it will finally be used again.

Contact us to see if your items are a good fit for our consignment showroom at Urbanite. We utilize multiple sales channels to promote your items to reach customers near and far. Urbanite coordinates sales and delivery. And you get a check for the items that sold each month. 

It's that easy!


Consignment items are accepted at the discretion of A Clean Slate PDX. We will establish and set the pricing on all items, and strive to secure the best possible price based on manufacturer, quality, condition and marketability of the piece. Items will be accepted for a 120 day consignment period, starting from the day that the items are removed from the consignors home/storage space.

All consignment items must be clean, in displayable condition and ready for resale.

Sales venue (our consignment studio, online, inclusion in an estate sale, estate auction etc.) will be determined by A Clean Slate PDX.

Discounts and promotional pricing are at the discretion of A Clean Slate PDX.

Our clients receive 50% of the final selling price (minus fees such as ebay, paypal or other fees charged by outside sales platforms).

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