Estate & Moving Sales

Whether you're closing out the estate of a loved one or simply moving to a new place, the process of settling the contents of an estate comes with both emotion and stress. 

A Clean Slate PDX believes that not one size fits all. Therefore, we approach each project as a unique, collaborative opportunity to provide you and your family with the best value and peace of mind, allowing you to focus on other matters.

Our customizable, multi-tiered approach to estate sale planning consists of one or a combination of the following:

  • A professionally organized and managed on-site estate sale
  • Consultation with our estate appraisal partners for research and valuation
  • Placement of selected items for sale in our A Clean Slate PDX consignment showroom located in Portland at Urbanite
  • Coordination with our auction house partners for sale of selected items

    How it works if you collaborate with A Clean Slate PDX:

    A walk through at the sale site will be scheduled between the prospective client and A Clean Slate PDX to determine the size, scope, and details of the proposed sale.

    After viewing the sale site and discussing your needs and timeline, in 2-3 business days A Clean Slate PDX will present our ideas on the best path forward for your sale. This may involve an on-site sale, consignment, and/or auction of estate items.

    For an on-site estate sale:

    A Clean Slate PDX will assume responsibility for the coordination of the estate sale set up, advertising, neighborhood signage & sale. Access to the home for sale set up will be coordinated between us and the client. Neighbors will be contacted to alert them of the sale dates and times and will be given our contact information should parking or neighborhood traffic issues arise during the sale.

    The final day of the estate sale will be a 50% off day to liquidate remaining items under a certain dollar value (TBD).  At the client’s discretion, items may be excluded from this 50% offering.

    A “bid box” may will be present throughout the sale for higher price point items.  A Clean Slate PDX and/or the client will review bids upon the close of the sale. We will contact winning bidders to take payment via phone and schedule item pick up.

    Upon the sale’s completion, the client can also choose to have A Clean Slate PDX coordinate the breakdown and removal of all remaining items from the house including the arrangement of final charitable donation pick ups etc..  

    The client will receive a status report (via email or text) at the end of each sale day. Once the sale has ended and clean up and donations are completed, a final accounting including all charitable and expense receipts will be sent to the client within 14 days.

    For consignment with us at our Urbanite showroom:

    In addition to coordinating on-site estate sales, A Clean Slate PDX has our own consignment showroom located at Urbanite in SE Portland. Working with you, we can determine if there are items that would be ideal for consignment.

    Learn more about the consigning with us.

    For auction sales:

    While estate sales are great method for settling an estate, there may be unique or valuable items that deserve the wider audience that a nationally-recognized, Portland-based auction house can provide. In that case, A Clean Slate PDX will manage the transfer and sale of selected items with our auction house partners.

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